Exercise the body with dumbbells is the basic equipment for strength fitness. It is flexible and practical. It is best to use different weight dumbbells to choose the body of the body. Properly heavy, step by step, gradually increase the weight of dumbbells.

Upper arm action exercise

The upper arm is aimed at biceps and triceps. The upper arm dumbbell exercise can do single -joint and multi -joint movements, which can re -training the biceps and triceps.

Anti -holding arm bending -practicing biceps muscles

Standing position, you can also sit, hold the dumbbells on both hands, droop, and the upper arm is close to both sides of the body. And shrink the biceps. It is an isolated movement of the elbow arm.

Recommended on the shoulders -practicing triceps

Standing, holding the palms of the dumbbells with both hands are opposed to the top of the shoulders; then the arms are pushed up, until the top of the head is straight, the triceps are reduced, and the restoration is restored. It belongs to the multi -joint composite movement of the shoulder and elbow. In addition to practicing the triceps, it can also take into account the exercise of the bougainvillea.

Back arm flexion and extension -practicing triceps

Stand, hold the dumbbells with both hands together, lift to the back of the neck, the upper arm stretch, and the forearm naturally sags down; then the upper arm is not moving as possible, the forearm is upward, and the forearm is straightened on the top of the head, and the arm is straightened up to the top of the head, the arm is contracted, Muscle, restore repeated movements. Mainly a single joint action of the elbow arm.

Shoulder action exercise

The shoulder is mainly for the trigonic muscle. Dumbbell exercise can practice the front, middle and rear beams of the bougainvillea. For newbies, you can use the rowing movement to the rear part.

Ahead of the front -practice bougainvillea front beam

Stand, hold the dumbbells on both sides of the front abdomen; then lift up the horizontal level in front of the arms, stop slightly, tighten the deltoid muscles, and restore repeated movements. Acting for the forward extension of the shoulder joint.

Side flat -practicing the bouquet of the deltoid muscle

Standing, hold the bell on both sides of the body with both hands; then the straight arm (elbow can be slightly curved) to lift the horizontal level on both sides, stop slightly, tighten the deltoid muscles, and restore repeated movements. Action for the side of the shoulder joint.

Chest exercise exercise

Dumbbell exercise on the chest mainly focuses on the migrants of the pectoral muscle, followed by the triceps and the bougainvillea, which is a composite action of shoulder and elbow joints.

bench press -practicing pectoralis muscle

By borrowing the supine board or bench, the upper body is lying on his back, and your feet are stabilized to stabilize the body; your hands hold the dumbbells on the top of the chest; then go up to push to straighten your arms, and the process of tightening the pectoral muscle. Restore and repeated movements. In addition to training pectoralis muscles, you can also practice triceps and triangular muscles.

Separate Bird -Traine the inner side of the pectoralis muscle

Borrow on the back of the lying on the board, the upper body is lying on the back, and the feet are stabilized to stabilize the body; the two hands hold the dumbbells to stretch the arm (about 130 ° of the upper arm and the forearm) on both sides of the body; The upper end is tightened, straightened the arms, and a squeezing feeling of the pectoral muscles. Restore and repeated movements. It mainly focuses on the inner exercise of pectoralis major muscles.

Back action exercise

The basic exercise of the back dumbbell is to do the straight arm lifting action of the upper limb flexion, which is a multi -joint composite action.

Sitilling and rowing -practicing latissimus dorsi and triangular muscle back beams

Bend over and lean about 45 °, hold the dumbbells on both sides of the body, tighten your waist and abdomen, do not arch the back, and do the pull -up movement from the downward vertical. Can exercise the latissimus dorsi and the back of the bougainry muscle.

Hip and leg action exercise

The dumbbell exercise in the hip legs belongs to the multi -joint composite movement of the hip and knee, mainly to train the gluteal muscle, the quadriceps and the rope muscles.

Squat -practice the gluteal major and quadriceps muscle

Squat your knees and hold the dumbbells with your back straight with your back; your hips and legs are forceful, your chest collapses his waist, and the dumbbells stand up and straighten your thighs; then keep your waist straight, squat slowly, and drop to the ground in parallel. Stand up and continue to move, mainly to exercise the quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

Arrow Squat —— Traine the gluteal muscles and rope muscles

Hold the dumbbells on both sides of the body with both hands, stand up to stabilize your chest and abdomen, then your waist is straight, his hips and legs are forceful. Passion parallel with the ground; then retract, remove the left leg to the original position, and then change the right leg to step forward, so that continue to move.